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This site contains the full online searchable text of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law, the Criminal Procedure Law, the Penal Law and the Vehicle and Traffic Law for the State of New York. Also the Civil Rights Law, Family Court Act, U.S. Constitution and selected articles from the Navigation Law.
Criminal Procedure Law Article Index

Criminal Procedure Law of New York

Article Description
01 Short Title, Applicability and Definitions
02 Peace Officers
10 The Criminal Courts
20 Geographical Jurisdiction of Offenses
30 Timeliness of Prosecutions and Speedy Trial
40 Exemption from Prosecution by Reason of Previous Prosecution
50 Compulsion of Evidence by Offer of Immunity
60 Rules of Evidence and Related Matters
65 Use of Closed-Circuit Television for Certain Child Witnesses
70 Standards of Proof
100 Commencement of Action in Local Criminal Court - Local Criminal Court Accusatory Instruments
110 Requiring Defendant`s Appearance in Local Criminal Court for Arraignment
120 Warrant of Arrest
130 The Summons
140 Arrest Without a Warrant
150 The Appearance Ticket
160 Fingerprinting and Photographing of Defendant after Arrest - Criminal Identification Records and Statistics Complaint from Arraignment to Plea
170 Proceedings upon Information, Simplified Traffic Information, Prosecutor`s Information and Misdemeanor
180 Proceedings upon Felony Complaint from Arraignment thereon through Disposition thereof
182 Alternate method of Court Appearance
185 Alternate method of Arraignment
190 The Grand Jury and its Proceedings
195 Waiver of Indictment
200 Indictment and Related Instruments
210 Proceedings in Superior Court from Filing of Indictment to Plea
215 Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal for Purposes of Referring Selected Felonies to Dispute Resolution
216 Judicial Diversion Program for Certain Felony Offenders
220 The Plea
230 Removal of Action
240 Discovery
250 Pre-Trial Notices of Defenses
255 Pre-Trial Motions
260 Jury Trial - Generally
270 Jury Trial - Formation and Conduct of Jury
280 Jury Trial - Motion for a Mistrial
290 Jury Trial - Trial Order of Dismissal
300 Jury Trial - Court`s Charge and Instructions to Jury
310 Jury Trial - Deliberation and Verdict of Jury
320 Waiver of Jury Trial and Conduct of Non-Jury Trial
330 Proceedings from Verdict to Sentence
340 Pre-trial Proceedings
350 Non-Jury Trials
360 Jury Trial
370 Proceedings from Verdict to Sentence
380 Sentencing in General
390 Pre-sentence Reports
400 Pre-sentence Proceedings
410 Sentences of Probation, Conditional Discharge and Parole Supervision
420 Fines, Restitution and Reparation
430 Sentences of Imprisonment
440 Post-judgment Motions
450 Appeals-in what Cases Authorized and to what Courts Taken
460 Appeals-Taking and Perfection Thereof and stays During Pendency thereof
470 Appeals-Determination Thereof
500 Recognizance, Bail and Commitment-Definitions of Terms
510 Recognizance, Bail and Commitment-Determination of Application for Recognizance or Bail, Issuance of Securing Orders, and Related Matters
520 Bail and Bail Bonds
530 Orders of Recognizance or Bail with Respect to Defendants in Criminal Actions and Proceedings - When and by What Courts Authorized
540 Forfeiture of Bail and Remission Thereof
550 Securing Attendance of Defendants - In General
560 Securing Attendance of Defendants Confined in Institutions Within the State
570 Securing Attendance of Defendants who are outside the State but within the United States - Rendition to other Jurisdictions of Defendants within the State - Uniform Criminal Extradition Act
580 Securing Attendance of Defendants Confined as Prisoners in Institutions of Other Jurisdictions of the United States - Rendition to Other Jurisdictions of Persons
590 Securing Attendance of Defendants who are Outside the United States
600 Securing Attendance of Corporate Defendants and Related Matters
610 Securing Attendance of Witnesses by Subpoena
620 Securing Attendance of Witnesses by Material Witness Order
630 Securing Attendance as Witnesses of Persons Confined in Institutions Within the State
640 Securing Attendance as Witnesses of Persons at Liberty Outside the State - Rendition to Other Jurisdictions of Witnesses at Liberty within the State - Uniform Act to secure Attendance of Witnesses from Without the State in Criminal Cases
650 Securing Attendance as Witnesses of Prisoners Confined in Institutions of Other Jurisdictions of the United States - Rendition to Other Jurisdiction of Prisoners Confined in Institutions Within the State
660 Securing Testimony for Use in a Subsequent Proceeding - Examination of Witnesses Conditionally
670 Use in a Criminal Proceeding of Testimony Given in a Previous Proceeding
680 Securing Testimony Outside the State for use in proceeding within the State - Examination of Witnesses on Commission
690 Search Warrants
700 Eavesdropping and Video Surveillance Warrants
705 Pen Registers and Trap and Trace Devices
710 Motion to Suppress Evidence
715 Destruction of Dangerous Drugs
720 Youthful Offender Procedure
722 Proceedings Against Juvenile Offenders and Adolescent Offenders; Establishment of Youth Part and Related Procedures
725 Removal of Proceeding Against Juvenile Offender to Family Court
730 Mental Disease or Defect Excluding Fitness to Proceed

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