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NYS Navigation Law - NAV


Section Description
42 Searchlights; unlawful to flash.
42-A Tow-chains.
    S 42. Searchlights; unlawful to flash.  Any licensed master, pilot,
joint pilot and engineer or operator, who shall flash  or  cause  to  be
flashed, the rays of a searchlight into the pilot house or into the eyes
of  the  master,  pilot,  or  operator of an approaching vessel shall be
liable to have his license revoked.   Any  person  committing  such  act
shall  be  guilty  of  a  misdemeanor punishable as set forth in section
seventy-three-b of this article. Searchlights  shall  not  be  known  as
navigating lights.

    S 42-A. Tow-chains.   Any  person,  for a fee, who operates a boat or
vessel, and who pilots, offers to pilot, tows or offers to tow any other
boat or vessel, must remove completely from the water any rope or  chain
or  other  tool  or  device used to connect the boats or vessels for the
purposes of towing, while such rope or chain or other tool or device  is
not  being used to tow another boat or vessel. Violation of this section
is a violation, punishable by a fine of not less than two hundred  fifty
dollars and not more than one thousand dollars.

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