New York State Law

Family Court Law

Consolidated Laws of NY's FCA code

Part 8 - Article 7 - Family Court


Section Description
781Nature of adjudication.
782Effect of adjudication.
782-ATransfer of records and information to institutions and agencies.
783Use of record in other court.
783-AConsolidation of records within a city having a population of one million or more.
784Use of police records.
  S 781. Nature of adjudication.  No adjudication under this article may
  be  denominated a conviction, and no person adjudicated a person in need
  of supervision under this article shall be  denominated  a  criminal  by
  reason of such adjudication.

  S 782. Effect  of  adjudication.  No adjudication under this article
  shall operate as a forfeiture of any right or  privilege  or  disqualify
  any  person  from  subsequently  holding  public office or receiving any
  license granted by public authority.

  S 782-a. Transfer  of  records  and  information to institutions and
  agencies.  Whenever a person is placed with an institution suitable  for
  the  placement of a person adjudicated in need of supervision maintained
  by the state or any subdivision thereof or to an authorized agency,  the
  family  court  so placing such person shall forthwith transmit a copy of
  the orders of the  family  court  pursuant  to  sections  seven  hundred
  fifty-two  and seven hundred fifty-four, and of the probation report and
  all other relevant evaluative records in the possession  of  the  family
  court  and probation department related to such child, including but not
  limited to  any  diagnostic,  educational,  medical,  psychological  and
  psychiatric  records  with respect to such person to such institution or
  agency, notwithstanding any contrary provision of law.

  S 783. Use  of record in other court. Neither the fact that a person
  was before the family court under this article for  a  hearing  nor  any
  confession,  admission  or  statement made by him to the court or to any
  officer thereof in any stage of the proceeding is admissible as evidence
  against him or his interests in any other  court.    Another  court,  in
  imposing  sentence  upon  an  adult  after  conviction,  may receive and
  consider the records and information  on  file  with  the  family  court
  concerning such person when he was a child.

  S 783-a. Consolidation of records within a city having a population of
  one  million  or  more. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, in a
  city having a population of one million or more, an index of the records
  of the local probation departments located in  the  counties  comprising
  such  city for proceedings under article seven shall be consolidated and
  filed in a central  office  for  use  by  the  family  court  and  local
  probation service in each such county. After consultation with the state
  administrative  judge,  the  commissioner  of  the  division of criminal
  justice services, in consultation with the director  of  the  office  of
  probation and correctional alternatives shall specify the information to
  be  contained  in  such  index and the organization of such consolidated
  S 784. Use  of  police  records.  All police records relating to the
  arrest and disposition of any person under this article shall be kept in
  files separate and apart  from  the  arrests  of  adults  and  shall  be
  withheld  from  public  inspection,  but  such  records shall be open to
  inspection upon good cause shown by the parent, guardian, next friend or
  attorney of that person upon the written order of a judge of the  family
  court  in  the  county  in which the order was made or, if the person is
  subsequently convicted of a crime, of a judge of the court in  which  he
  was convicted.

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