New York State Law

Family Court Law

Consolidated Laws of NY's FCA code

Part 9 - Article 5B - Family Court


Section Description
580-901 Uniformity of application and construction.
580-902 Severability.
580-903 Effective date.
  S 580-901. Uniformity of application and construction. In applying and
  construing  this uniform act, consideration must be given to the need to
  promote uniformity of the law with respect to its subject  matter  among
  states that enact it.

  S 580-902. Severability.  If  any  provision  of this article or its
  application  to  any  person  or  circumstance  is  held  invalid,   the
  invalidity  does  not  affect  other  provisions or applications of this
  article which can be given  effect  without  the  invalid  provision  or
  application,  and  to  this  end  the  provisions  of  this  article are

  S 580-903. Effective date. This article shall take effect on January
  first, two thousand sixteen; provided, however, that if it shall  become
  a  law  after January first, two thousand sixteen, it shall be deemed to
  have been in full force and effect  on  and  after  January  first,  two
  thousand  sixteen;  and  provided  further,  that the provisions of this
  article shall apply to any action or proceeding filed or order issued on
  or before the effective date of this article.

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