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Article 6C - NY Correction Law


Section Description
168 Short title.
168-A Definitions.
168-B Duties of the division; registration information
168-C Sex offender; relocation; notification.
168-D Duties of the court.
168-E Discharge of sex offender from correctional facility.
168-F Duty to register and to verify.
168-G Prior convictions; duty to inform and register.
168-H Duration of registration and verification.
168-I Registration and verification requirements.
168-J Notification of local law enforcement agencies of change of address.
168-K Registration for change of address from another state.
168-L Board of examiners of sex offenders.
168-M Review.
168-N Judicial determination.
168-O Petition for relief or modification.
168-P Special telephone number.
168-Q Subdirectory; internet posting.
168-R Immunity from liability.
168-S Annaul report.
168-T Penalty.
168-U Unauthorized release of information.
168-V Prohibition of employment on motor vehicles engaged in retail sales of frozen desserts.
168-W Separability.

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