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New York Penal Law - Violations

"Violation" means an offense, other than a "traffic infraction", for which a sentence to a term of imprisonment in excess of fifteen days cannot be imposed.
Penal Law Violation *
Offense Code
Criminal solicitation in the fifth degree 100.00
Hazing in the second degree 120.17
Trespass 140.05
Unlawfully posting advertisements 145.30
Misconduct by a juror in the second degree 215.28
Failing to respond to an appearance ticket 215.58
Unlawful possession of marihuana 221.05
Disorderly conduct 240.20
Harassment in the second degree 240.26
Loitering 240.35
Appearance in public under the influence of narcotics or a drug other than alcohol 240.40
Loitering for the purpose of engaging in a prostitution offense 240.37
Unlawful prevention of public access to records 240.65
Exposure of a person 245.01
Promoting the exposure of a person
Offensive exhibition 245.05
Unlawful possession of certain ammunition feeding devices (1st offense/home) 265.37

* May not contain all Violations in the New York Penal Law.
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